Using This Site

All You Shining Stars isn’t merely a blog to be read – it’s meant to be a spiritual journey toward discovering who we are, who God is, and who we’re meant to be.  We invite you to join us and see if what we show and say doesn’t speak to your heart.

Reading an Article

As you read a post, we ask that you get into the right frame of mind.  Release yourself from distraction and find a quiet few minutes to view the image and read the text.  As importantly, we ask that you come with an open mind, trying your best to leave aside doubts, presuppositions, and pride.  Then view the image and read the text, thinking about how it applies to you and seeing how it may be speaking to you.

The last portion of each post contains three parts: Pray, Read, and Act:

  1. Pray about the topic given, even if you don’t believe in God or are unsure of his existence.  You may feel silly.  Still, we ask that you be open to the possibility of a God that wants to get to know you.  And as with any relationship, we ask that you talk to God conversationally.  Don’t mince words by adding stilted, “religious” talk – talk as you might to a friend or trusted adviser.  And remember this – the more open you are in a relationship, the stronger that relationship tends to be.  It’s no different when approaching God.
  2. Read the short passage given.  Five are provided for each post, so that you may do one each weekday (or any five days during the week).  You might pray before reading (God, if you’re there, will you help me understand these words?).  Think upon the verses, what they mean, and how they might apply to your life.
  3. Act on the suggestion given as a way of taking this post and making it count.  Words are words, but action is an outpouring of the heart.  If not our suggestion, consider some other way to take what you’ve learned and make it part of your week.

The Order of Reading

We hope that you’ll return here time after time to continue to build toward a journey of faith.  We welcome and appreciate readers who follow along as we release posts, but if you’re joining us at some later point, you may be confused as to how to approach these devotionals – should you just start from the first post displayed on the page or starts from devotional #1?

We suggest you do whatever feels right to you.  One helpful way to approach the devotions, once a considerable number have built up (I’m writing this as the site is just launching), is to go to Gospel page and click on the provided links to articles related to each gospel topic.  Start with creation and move through those posts first, followed by sin and so forth.  In that way, you’ll read the posts in an order that makes some thematic sense.

In all things related to this site, we hope that you’ll invest with an open mind.  And if any questions arise, please contact us.


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