#12 Resolution

blog 12

The new year is only days old – how are your resolutions holding up?

You might be persisting, but chances are you’ve let your goals slip a little already. You ate that extra treat you were denying yourself, you decided to skip running yesterday, you missed a quiet time. And the chances are even greater that by month’s end, all of your resolutions will be wholly out the window.

When we do according to our own power based on decisions out of our own wisdom, the end result is often failure. Think about what a resolution is – it is you saying, “I resolve to” do something. Those are bold words, ones that are difficult to live up to.

But what if we flip the narrative this year. Instead of willfully resolving to do something of our own power, we just let go. Instead of employing inner strength, we humbly submit; instead of forcefully applying, we step aside; and instead of moving forward, we bend downward, asking for a greater power to move in our lives for his glory, instead of promising that we’ll do something for our own good.

If you approach in this way, out of selflessness and humility, you might find that a year from now something has changed in 2016 – and that “something” is you.

Explore [for non-Christians/new believers]

God tells us that he’ll continue the good work that he began in us (Philippians 1:6) and that our lives can and will be transformed (Romans 12:1-2). But it all begins with submission to God. The realization that we are sinners who cannot save ourselves, but have already been redeemed by Christ, should humble us – and from that humility, we might begin to see change as we cling to God.

This January, consider reading through the book of John. It’s relatively short, but still, it’s best to read through slowly, taking a chapter or passage a day. Find a Christian friend/Tumblr buddy to ask questions to as make your way through.

Apply [for Christians]

Make a list of the things you’d like to change about yourself in 2016. You may already have that list, crafted on New Year’s Eve. Go item by item, asking yourself are you doing this for you or for God? Submit the godly items to the LORD in prayer, asking for him to transform you more into Christ’s image this new year, with a godly hope that he can and will work in you for his glory. As for the rest of your resolutions? Let them go, or ask God how (and if) these resolutions can be made to glorify Him rather than you.

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